Discover the Top Residential Hotspots: Best Areas to Live in London

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London has been inhabited since before the Roman occupation of England and has long been the central hub of the United Kingdom. Today it is a metropolitan city with a diverse range of cultures, languages and communities.

It is little wonder then that many people wish to move to London and enjoy the fast-paced city life it has to offer. Deciding where to settle in London is important for a variety of reasons and this guide highlights the best areas to live in London.

Let’s discover this historic city.

Why London is a Great Place to Live

London has a wealth of advantages for its citizens. The most popular reasons for living in London are:

  • Higher paid jobs
  • Excellent public transport and infrastructure
  • World leading education centres
  • Cultural and historic monuments and attractions
  • Desirable properties

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. In general, if you need facilities or infrastructure you won’t need to venture very far to find it in London.

North London

North London is a wonderful area of London that provides safety and security if you want to raise a family. It is for this reason, most North London boroughs have a higher representation of family homes.


Camden is a trendy area that is popular with younger generations for its art and culture. Popular with students, Camden is a Buy to Let haven where landlords can make great returns on their investments despite the wider Buy to Let market pressures.


Richmond is the safest borough in London, boasting a population of almost 200,000 residents with a low crime rate. The area is one of the more affluent boroughs to make our list and the average property price is high at £846,408 according to the latest Rightmove data.

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East London

Historically, East London was a working-class area of London with notoriety for poorhouses and of course the infamous Jack the Ripper case. Over the last century as London has expanded, many of the working class families sought cheaper living in surrounding counties like Essex. Today, East London is a middle-class area with pockets of affluence.


Within the sound of the Bow Bells, Shoreditch is a cockney community that forms part of the Borough of Hackney. It has excellent transport links allowing for commutes to inner London without difficulty. This prime location drives up property values with the average house price being £724,832.

Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green benefits from the same transport links as Shoreditch with properties at a fraction of the price. The average house price in Bethnal Green is £594,801 making it a budget friendly option for those who simply must live in London.

South London

South London has benefitted from a lot of government investment over the last 20 years with notable investment in Greenwich. As a result of the inflow of money, it has become popular with people seeking to live in London.


Clapham is famous for Clapham Common, a large open expanse of 220 acres of green land. Clapham itself is divided into two administrative areas, Clapham North and Clapham South. It boasts five distinct shopping districts with plenty of amenities within walking distance.


Like Camden, Brixton is a pop culture area of London that is popular with students and younger people. It is also a prime location for Buy to Let landlords looking for an affordable entry point into the London market with average property prices being £635,337.


Of the areas on this list, Greenwich has had the most public investment with sports and recreation centres topping the list. It is in immediate proximity to the financial district of Canary Wharf, offering high paid jobs. The average property price is £627,399, so inexpensive for the opportunities the area provides.

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West London

If you want affluence and luxury properties, West London has long been the playground of the rich. Property prices here are typically on the high end and you may struggle to find somewhere affordable if you are on a budget. If money is not an issue, West London offers a lifestyle beyond almost all areas featured on this list.

Notting Hill

The average property price in Notting Hill dwarfs most other areas at $1.5 million. Made famous by the film of the same name, Notting Hill is the home of the super-rich with high end boutiques and imposing yet beautiful historic architecture.

Kensington and Chelsea

From one affluent area to another. Kensington and Chelsea are known for an abundance of Range Rovers and high-end sports cars. The properties have an average price of over £2.4 million making them even more sought after than Notting Hill houses.

Central London

Central London, as the name suggests, is the heart of the capital and also home to the seats of power in the House of Parliament and the House of Lords. Central London has perhaps the best public transport connections and low local tax rates.


With Elizabeth Tower (home of Big Ben) on the doorstep, you will be hard-pressed to find an area of London to live in that is so quintessentially London. Property prices often exceed £1.5 million in this part of London due to its high desirability.


The final stop on the monopoly board, Mayfair encompasses many famous streets including Park Lane. If luxury accommodation is your goal, Mayfair has an abundance of high value and often modern properties in comparison to older parts of London. The area rose to prominence in the 1800s and has grown into a booming and dynamic residential hub.

Living in London and Finding a Mortgage

Mortgage lenders are extremely familiar with the London property market and it represents a much lower risk to lenders compared to most other parts of the country. If you have a suitable deposit, your mortgage broker will be able to source the best mortgage deal.

Living in London can be costly which makes finding the best mortgage deal an absolute must for those looking to thrive in England’s capital city.

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